June 21, 2024
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was spotted hanging around our neck of the woods on Thursday, with an appearance in Sanford for a golf tournament.

It wasn’t for Tiger to play though, as The Carolina Trace Country Club in Sanford was host to Tiger’s 15-year-old son, Charlie, as he prepped for his debut in the Will Lowery Junior Championship, which started today and runs through Sunday.

Surprisingly, the greatest golfer in history dropping by the Carolina Trace Country Club didn’t cause a huge stir, with hardly any media presence or photos popping up online. Maybe Sanford is just used to him dropping by?

According to Golf Digest in their report today on Tiger’s appearance, he’s “a regular presence at his son’s junior events, even carrying his bag for him during the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship back in November.”

Good luck to Charlie on his debut in the Will Lowery Junior Championship! North Carolina is rooting for you!

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