July 24, 2024


When it comes to sisterly bonds, Serena and Venus Williams are the perfect examples of sisters who lift each other no matter what. Where Serena Williams promotes her elder sister’s on and off-court activities with pride, Venus Williams’s “there’s no me without her” echoes the affection she possesses for her former tennis star sister. Following their bond, Venus Williams drops her praise for her younger sister’s incredible fashion sense and cherishes the glam moments she gets to spend with her.

Venus Williams shared a selfie with her sister on the red carpet and captioned it– “High definition” with a crown emoji. Later she shared another selfie of herself captioning- “Some of my favorite moments are Solo.” Despite her bedazzled solo moments, Venus’s social media drops about the event showcase how much she enjoyed attending this famous “Fashion’s Night Out” event with her sister Serena Williams.

This former world’s number one WTA star revealed her excitement when she told Entertainment Tonight that this Met Gala event made her “more intimidated” than “any match” she has ever played. However, Venus Williams’s love for bonding with her sister on the red carpet was shown when she commented- “Actually, we like to surprise each other and not see what the other person’s wearing until the carpet. So I can’t wait to see it,”

On the other hand, Serena Williams was spotted showing her love for her sister Venus Williams’s iconic Met Gala 2024 transformation. When Serena’s sister shared a video on Instagram showing how she completely transformed into a mirror diva from a tracksuit, Serena commented- “Love this.” It was a moment for fans to behold their lovely bond.
These famous tennis sisters made their debut entry to the Met Gala event in the 2000s. Where Serena Williams made her first appearance in 2004 in a purple dress adorned with jewels, her elder sister walked the red carpet in 2008 in a Carolina Herrera bronze gown for the first time. Serena Williams’s Met Gala appearance became frequent after 2017 and she was spotted in this event on and off with her sister Venus Williams afterward.

This year, Venus Williams donned a Marc Jacobs custom-made dazzling strapless off-shoulder body-hugging fishtail gown with its panels highlighted by countless mirrors. This 43-year-old perfected her look for this year’s theme Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion following the dress code of Garden of Time in a way that her fans went crazy over the look.

Nevertheless, bonding with her sister following their mutual interest in fashion has thrilled Venus Williams. Despite her slight problem with her outfit, her social media stories scream her joy as she channels her fashionista with her sister.

Venus Williams responds to her “too fragile to wear” dress at Met Gala 2024
While this former world’ number-one WTA star mesmerized the tennis fraternity with her looks, she broke a mirror from her dress while walking on the red carpet. Revealing this story after her red carpet moment, Venus Williams brilliantly tackled the situation and said- “It’s based off the theme of today; we’re showing all these dresses that are too fragile to wear.” Venus further mentioned her designer Marc Jacobs’s idea as she said- “So he wanted to bring in the fragility of mirrors. I only broke one.”

While Venus Williams’ response showed her talent to manage a situation, she also surprised her fans by mentioning the superstition around broken glasses as it brings bad luck for seven years. However, for fans, Venus Williams rocked the night and without her revelations, it would have been damn hard for fans to find this out.

Venus Williams’s bedazzled memories with sister Serena Williams from the Met Gala 2024’s red carpet not only showcase their bond but also offer the beautiful side of their sisterhood. Along with their tennis brilliance, Venus and Serena Williams bring their fans’ faith in family and relationships despite any rivalry.

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