June 20, 2024
Coco gauff

Former US Open champion, Coco Gauff participated in an amazing initiative. Gauff’s Grand Slam achievement last year was an exceptional thing in the American tennis fraternity since Gauff was the youngest US citizen to bag this title after Serena Williams. However, Coco Gauff’s US Open victory wasn’t limited to her success, rather this tennis prodigy came forward to inspire young tennis stars with improved tennis facilities across the country. In fact, the recently established US Open Legacy Initiative came forward joining hands with Gauff in this matter.

This US Open Legacy initiative was announced right after the American WTA star won her US Open trophy last year. According to this proposal, the US Open Legacy Initiative will restore tennis courts at parks, other public facilities, and schools across the United States honoring the champion, Coco Gauff. Now, Gauff was also spotted being involved in this process of making tennis accessible to everyone.

Coco Gauff joins the US Open Legacy Initiative to celebrate the refurbishment of her home courts
The official Instagram page of the US Open tournament recently shared a clip, where Gauff was spotted interacting with young tennis enthusiasts. The page wrote- “As part of the US Open Legacy Initiative our 2023 champion Coco Gauff recently celebrated the refurbishment of her home courts.”

It was during the process of refurbishing tennis courts with the US Open Legacy Initiative. Since the initiative started from Pompey Park in Delray Beach, which is again Gauff’s home court, this US Open champion was spotted smiling and having fun while interacting with the attendees.

A fund of almost $60,000 was issued for this specific Pompey Park tennis court. Gauff along with the team restored two hard courts and installed new fence fabrics with shades and sitting benches. This refurbished Pompey Park tennis court was unveiled again with USTA CEOs, US Open tournament’s director, and some more community leaders.

Delray Beach’s mayor, Shelly Petrolia expressed their happiness about the project. She said- “These renovated courts at Pompey Park will provide aspiring athletes with the facilities they need to pursue their dreams and follow in Coco’s footsteps.”

Coco Gauff’s recent initiative at Pompey Park with the US Open Legacy Initiative also showcased Gauff’s love for her home courts.

What are Coco Gauff’s feelings about being a part of this amazing initiative?

US Open champion Coco Gauff’s presence surely made the US Open Legacy Initiative’s work more successful. However, Gauff expressed equal happiness as she was chosen to be a part of this project. This American WTA star spoke about tennis being a more accessible sport and acknowledged the USTA’s contribution to working hard tirelessly for that.

Gauff also mentioned how her dreams are related to this initiative. She commented- “Investing in public parks and our youth is very important. I had a huge dream and this city, my family, my community supported that, and now I’m in the position to help maybe spark that dream in another kid.”

This WTA star also spoke about the importance of public courts as she said– “I think it’s very important that we have public courts. I grew up, I learned how to play tennis on public courts, I still sometimes practice on public courts. Now, my focus is to continue the growth and also the quality of public tennis courts.”

Coco Gauff’s recent initiative with the US Open Legacy Initiative expressed Gauff’s ambition to make tennis accessible for enthusiastic kids. At the same time, mentioning the importance of the public courts, Gauff showcased her interest in making the sport popular to all.

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