July 24, 2024
Lewis Hamilton

It was one of the worst weekends in Formula 1 for Lewis Hamilton. Those weren’t the words of pundits or critics, but the words from the seven-time World Champion on his own performance at the Circuit Gills Villeneuve. He may have found his way into the top five for the first time in 2024, but the Brit was not impressed with his P4 which saw him miss out on the podium and finish behind his teammate George Russell, once again.

It’s been a poor start to the 2024 season for Hamilton, who currently sits behind Russell in the World Championship and is also 8-1 down in qualifying duels. It’s no secret that the Brit is struggling in his final season at Mercedes before he makes the huge move to Ferrari in 2025. But why is the 39-year-old having so many issues? Sky Sports pundit Naomi Schiff has her say.

A new ‘psychological layer’ as Hamilton and Mercedes process ‘divorce’
“You could see in Monaco there was weird body language from Lewis,” said the former W Series driver. “He was saying that George [Russell] was going to out-qualify him for the rest of the season, so I don’t know if there’s a whole new layer of a psychological aspect that is coming in with what is like a ‘divorce’ between Lewis and the team, and that’ll happen throughout the season. Inevitably, he’s going to be left out of important meetings, George is going to be the preference for the team when it comes to new parts, but he’s also ahead of him in the championship so that’s the case anyway.”

Although it was the best finish that Hamilton has had all season, he knew that there was potential in the W15 to take victory in Montreal, the place of his first-ever win in F1. In the final few laps, he could not hold Russell behind him to find his way onto the podium, another aspect of the race that would have left the Brit bitterly disappointed.

Schiff continued by saying, “All these things are going to plant a layer of doubt both in the team’s head and in Lewis’ head of, ‘What game are they playing?’, or ‘Has Lewis checked out? Is he still on board?’ So I think both of them are going to have to try to do whatever they can. I know that there is a sentiment that Mercedes and Lewis want to end this season on a high, there’s such a huge respect there that it’s what they want. But the reality of it all is that when that doubt creeps in, can you maintain that relationship with the team?”

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