June 14, 2024
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was in minds of her fans at the Duke of Westminster’s wedding
Kate Middleton, who did not attend the Duke of Westminster’s wedding on Friday due to her cancer treatment, was very much on minds of her fans on the event.

The Prince of Wales, who made solo appearance at the event, was seen mingling with guests. The royal was seen smiling while chatting a lady next to him as the Duke and Duchess of Westminster came out the church to wave fans.
William received some sweet words of support from a member of the public who shouted out their best wishes to the Princess as the future King left Cathedral.

It comes two days after the heir to the throne shared an update on his wife during his special appearance in Portsmouth to attend a D-Day event on Wednesday. And he was asked by one veteran about Kate’s wellbeing.

“She is better, thanks,” the royal replied. “She would’ve loved to be here today. I was reminding everybody, her grandmother served at Bletchley so she would have had quite a bit in common with a few of the other ladies here who served at Bletchley but never spoke about it until the very end.”

Kate will reportedly not return to royal duties until her medical team gives her the green light. She needs the space and privacy to recover.

Fans still hope that Kate, William and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and little Prince Louis, will make an appearance at Trooping the Colour on 15 June.

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