June 14, 2024
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods son Charlie Woods will be able to sign NIL deals after the Florida High School Athletic Association allowed students to land NIL deals.

Charlie Woods,
Charlie Woods, 15, son of pro golfer Tiger Woods, competed in the U.S. Open local qualifying event on Thursday April 25, 2024, at the Legacy Golf and Tennis Club in the St. Lucie West development of Port St. Lucie. He did not advance, finishing with a 9-over 81. He was one of 84 entries competing in the local event, with five advancing to 36-hole qualifying in June. / ERIC HASERT/TCPALM / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Florida High School Athletic Association made a big decision recently, allowing student-athletes to sign NIL deals.

Allowing high school athletes to sign NIL deals also meant that they could hire agents, but only for NIL reasons. It was something that was reported on, but the decision comes as an interesting one.
However, if college athletes can be paid for their Name, Image, and Likeness, why can’t high school students? At the end of the day, all this does is put money into deserving student athletes’ pockets.

Florida has some of the top recruits in the country when it comes to sports. One name to watch out for in the new NIL space is Charlie Woods, the son of legendary golfer, Tiger Woods. Typically, NIL deals are well-known in the football and basketball space, but Charlie adds a different dynamic due to who he is.
According to Woods’ high school coach, Toby Harbeck, he’s certain someone is going to attempt to sign him to NIL deals. He had the following to say, according to Palm Beach Sports.

“They’re smart enough to know what’s good, what’s not good,” Harbeck said of the Woods. “I’m sure someone’s going to approach him with [NIL] … but they’re so smart and they’ve got such good people around them that I think the only thing we need to be careful of is making sure we’re all aware of what’s going on − and that deals with all kids.”

This is an interesting comment from Charlie’s head coach and one that often gets overlooked. While NIL deals are to be beneficial, it’s also important for athletes to find deals they’re comfortable with.

And for the Woods family, they don’t need to jump at every NIL deal. Other athletes might see money in front of them and do whatever they need to land those deals.
Charlie has the fame, money, and everything else.

Perhaps he lands deals with many of Tiger’s sponsorships, similar to LeBron James and Bronny.

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