June 21, 2024

Prince Harry is visiting the United Kingdom next week for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, and Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly have zero intention of seeing him.

“Both sides understand each other’s position clearly now,” a friend of the royal couple tells the Daily Beast. “William and Catherine felt completely betrayed by Harry’s memoir [Spare]. They don’t speak to Harry and Meghan, and they are certainly not about to start when Catherine is at her most vulnerable.”

Meanwhile, yet another friend says Prince William has no issue with his dad, King Charles, attempting to reunite with Prince Harry—he’s just not personally interested in mending fences at this point in their years-long drama.

“[Harry is] just another person who sold his story to the papers,” the insider explains. “A ‘get well soon’ message is neither here nor there. But the whole situation doesn’t use up a huge amount of their mental energy any more. William and Kate have accepted it and moved on. Cancer puts things in perspective. William respects his father’s wish to reconcile with his son, but his focus now is on protecting his family from stressful situations.”

Just FYI, Duchess Meghan Markle isn’t set to return to the United Kingdom with Prince Harry (there’s been a buncha speculation about whether or not she’d make the trip), but she is reportedly joining him in Nigeria for another Invictus event right after.

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