June 20, 2024
Tiger woods

October 6, 2009; San Francisco, CA, USA; USA Team member Tiger Woods (USA), left, and Michael Jordan, right, watch on the 11th tee during the practice round of the President’s Cup golf tournament at Harding Park Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have shared a long-standing friendship that dates back to the late 90s. Woods was only 14 years old when he first aspired to replicate Jordan’s skills. The two sports icons even shared a common sponsor, Nike. Inspired by MJ, Woods wanted to emulate his success, and Jordan took on a mentorship role, guiding the young golfer through the challenges and triumphs of a life in the spotlight.

Having navigated the highs and lows of a high-profile professional career, Jordan was well-equipped to offer guidance on every challenge that Woods faced. From dealing with increased visibility and loss of privacy to managing public scrutiny and personal interactions, Jordan provided insights and advice to the young talent. Describing their close bond, Woods even noted that the duo were such close friends that they often communicated without words.

Furthermore, Tiger Woods lauded the basketball player and said (via The List):

“A guy who’s down to earth, who’s an athlete, who can relate to another athlete. And Mike is almost like my big brother right now”

Michael Jordan has also praised the American professional golfer for his dedication to the sport. Jordan mentioned that he shared a similar level of commitment during the early days of his professional career. The duo maintained a strong and genuine friendship for a long time before things went sour.

During a difficult period in the golfer’s life, which included the passing of his father, Earl Woods, and issues of infidelity with his wife, Elin Nordegren, the friendship between the sports legends began to dwindle. Jordan was believed to have a very bad influence on Woods’ married life. He allegedly encouraged Tiger Woods to womanize and also gave him tips on how to do so.

Besides, Jordan’s approach toward Woods changed when he was planning to make a comeback to golf. The six-time NBA champion felt that Tiger Woods could no longer return to his level of greatness in the game.

“I love him so much that I can’t tell him, ‘You’re not gonna be great again.”

Nonetheless, the 15-time major winner returned to the golfing scene and proved to everyone why he is called the GOAT of golf. Quickly, Jordan’s perspective on him changed, and he even went on to praise the golfer.

Michael Jordan’s Stance On Tiger Woods Changes Post The Golf Legend’s Comeback
Tiger Woods made a triumphant return to the golfing world after a prolonged absence. However, upon his comeback, he was determined to prove everyone wrong and showcase the full extent of his golfing prowess. Soon, the talented golfer triumphed in the 2019 Masters with a mere one-stroke margin over Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Xander Schauffele.

Witnessing a stellar comeback, Jordan was quite impressed with Woods’ form. He then praised the golfer, calling it the greatest comeback he had ever seen:

“I never thought he’d get back physically. He’s probably the only person who believed he could get back. To me, that’s a major accomplishment … To me, it was the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen.”

Lately, Tiger Woods has not been very active in speaking much about his friendship with the NBA legend. However, despite changes in their friendship, they have remained connected. But their friendship isn’t how it used to be in the past.

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