June 14, 2024
Simone Biles

For the past several months, the internet has been divided on supporting Jonathan Owens for his ‘catch’ comment on the Pivot podcast. The NFL safety repeatedly argued on that, claiming to be ‘real’ in expressing his thoughts. Even then, he has been ending on the receiving part throughout. The harshest attack has come from Simone Biles‘ fans, who went up to the extent of questioning his eligibility to be Simone’s husband. Such a hay fire led Simone Biles to defend her husband, Jonathan Owens. But now, JO has hinted to emulate the famous singer Chris Brown’s steps to put a lid on the attacks.

Through his IG handle, the Chicago Bears recruit recently shared a snippet of Chris Brown, where the singer was backing his deed to shut down the comment facility on his social media account. “It wasn’t healthy for me to go back and forth for anything… For anybody’s opinion”. JO shared the snippet with a cryptic caption that says: “People who want invest the least in you will always have the most to say” hinting that he may follow the same suit as Chris Brown has been doing for last several years. Previously Simone Biles also shut down the comment facility on her social media posts.

However, things did not stop as Simone Biles handpicked several derogatory comments that were hurled toward her husband. With a leucoplast tape in hand, the former Olympic gold medalist threatened the trolls to shut down their mouths. She took up such a strategy despite her manager’s forbidding as they feared degradation in Simone Biles’ aura because of getting into such dog whistles. However, with Jonathan’s latest action, it seems things have become no better.

All this while, the couple thoroughly protested against the unwanted entry from the attackers into their personal lives. Simone adorned her husband, calling him the ‘nicest guy’. On the other hand, Jonathan Owens described his wife as “so down to earth”. However, their latest actions say the couple is on the brink of losing their patience.

Simone Biles wants to put an end to the ongoing hustle
For the past several years, Simone Biles has been having a bittersweet experience with social media. In the past, she came under scanner for ‘unjust’ reasons. However, she preferred to counter all those attacks with her head kept high. In the podcast, Call Her Daddy, Simone described it at length. “It’s like praise everyone, get everything for everyone, and just like sacrifice my body at all costs. And you land on the mat and you’re thinking, what is Twitter saying? Yeah,” she said. This time as well, the 7x Olympic medalist didn’t prefer to leave the ground without registering her uncomfortableness.

She penned down, “X is a scary a** place” indicating all those who came after her for all this while questioning her choices. Now, when both Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are looking forward to opening their new sporting seasons, scrutiny of their personal lives will be the last thing they want.

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